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How do I subscribe to Autozilla?

You can either call our helpline number 7673937674 or leave a message here One of our qualified tea member will get in touch with you.

How is Autozilla different from other softwares available in the market?

Following are the benefits of Autozilla over other products:
a. Autozilla is a cloud based software exclusively built to solve problems faced by auto spare parts sellers. We do not seek to compete with Tally. Depending on the size of your operations, your accounting data is best managed in Tally.
b. Once you are listed on our platform, buyers can come on the platform and buy products from you online which no other B2B platform is able to do.
c. There is no need to take a backup of your data on Autozilla. All your data is stored securely on our cloud platform. You can retrieve the data whenever you want.
d. We constantly process and digitise auto parts catalogs. Autozilla provides you accurate part fitment information which minimises the chances of part returns and leaves your customer happy and satisfied.

Can a customer pay online through Autozilla?

We have our own payment gateway where you can pay through Credit card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking / UPI and most of the payment wallets like Googlepay and Phonepe.

Can a GST invoice be generated on the platform?


How do i get onboarded?

After your sign up with us, we will require the following from you:
a. List of parts you intend to post on the platform
b. Full details of the Parts (e.g. Part No, Name, Brand, Pricing, High Resolution Pictures, Technical Specifications, Promotional Offers and Vehicle Fitment Data)
Our specialised Catalogs team will assist you with updating the catalogs into the platform. Please note that this service is chargeable.

How much do you charge for any software upgrades?

We regularly update our application based on customer feedback. However, if you need any customisation, please get in touch with us.

What is the cost of Support?

Support is included in the software subscription. We provide Phone and Email support Mon – Sat during business hours.

Is there any hardware you provide?

No. Autozilla works on any browser.

What kind of operating systems support Autozilla?

Autozilla is a browser based application and hence works on all operating systems. It’s experienced best on Google Chrome.

Does Autozilla sell its own parts like a distributor?

No, Autozilla is a common platform for Buyers and Sellers of spare parts where it allows them to engage in transactions that are mutually beneficial.

How will the delivery of parts happen?

We have tie-ups with delivery partners (Inter and Intra City) who can deliver the parts to your customers at negotiated charges. You also choose to use your own delivery mechanisms. In case of your own delivery, it is important that your delivery service be prompt.

What are the catalog digitisation charges?

Please contact our highly qualified team to know more about charges. (Put a contact us button)

How do you provide customer support?

Please get in touch with us at support@autozilla.co or call +917673937674. Our Customer Service Team is readily available and happy to resolve your queries.

Can I advertise/promote my products on the platform?

Yes, You can promote your products on the platform. Participants on our platform promote:
a. new products (spares, tools, equipment)
b. new brands
c. existing products and brands to new customers or in new territories
d. to reach out to new distribution or retail channels
We charge a fee for doing so. Please contact us to discuss your specific promotion requirements.

Can I place orders for parts online to my distributor/ retailer?

Yes, you can place orders and track them online if your seller also has an Autozilla platform.

Will I get genuine Spare parts on the platform?

We have established tie-ups with channel partners and manufacturers of leading global and Indian brands for selling parts on the platform.

Will I get warranty for the parts?

Yes, warranty will be provided based on the company guidelines by the Seller.

What are the charges for part delivery?

Cost of delivery of parts as charged by the delivery partner is dependent on the following factors
a. Weight, Volume, Size, Value of the consignment
b. Distance between the Seller and Buyer
I have multiple offices. Can I handle my business centrally from a single location?
Since Autozilla is a cloud based service, you can handle your multiple locations from anywhere, including your home. You will have to buy separate subscriptions for each location.

Are parts of other segments like Two wheelers, Three wheelers, LCV/ HCV also available on the platform?

Currently, we are listing parts for the passenger car segment. We will list other products as well in future. Our Technology is fully capable to handle parts for all vehicles.

How can Autozilla help a Manufacturer?

Autozilla is a cloud based platform where distributors of various brands participate to sell their parts. Once you subscribe to Autozilla platform you will be benefitted in the following manner
1. You can get access to new distributors in different geographies to whom you can supply parts.
2. You will be better placed to understand the market dynamics on a micro level.
3. You will get quick market feedback about your products which will help you make required changes in the products to and become a leader in the category.

Can Autozilla help in preparing digital catalogs for the manufacturer?

Digital cataloguing is a paid service which we do for manufacturers. You need to share with us the following in a softcopy
a. Part Names and part numbers
b. Vehicle fitment with alternate fitment information.
c. Product images.

Can we promote my products on the platform?

Yes, Autozilla has a comprehensive promotions platform where you can launch new products and also trade schemes and promotions. The schemes and promotions can reach your partners online in a jiffy giving you an unbeatable edge over your competitors.

Can Autozilla be integrated to my current ERP system?

Yes, we can integrate Autozilla to your current ERP, provided you are able to give us the required APIs. Our highly qualified tech team will work closely with your teams to integrate the systems.

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